Why Solar?

Solar energy is quickly becoming an attractive source of energy for buildings, also here in the Nordics. Contrary to previous beliefs, solar is well suited for the Nordic climate; the solar insolation of Southern Sweden and Norway is at level with central parts of Germany (Europe’s largest market for solar installations), and our cold climate is favorable for the panels’ performance.

There are many benefits of solar energy for businesses:

  • Clean and renewable: decrease your company’s carbon footprint
  • Financial predictability: the sun’s power is free and predictable. Investing in a solar installation is investing in a guaranteed power price for decades to come, hedging against increasing/fluctuating energy prices.
  • Distributed, self-produced energy: produce your own power and increase your company’s independence from uncertainties in the energy market
  • No moving parts: easy to operate and maintain with very low operating expenses
  • Increased property value: demand for carbon-neutral buildings is increasing, and solar panels help meet energy requirements stemming from building certification schemes (such as BREEAM) and more stringent building codes (such as the EU Energy Performance in Buildings Directive).
  • Attract customers: be serious about corporate sustainability and be able to show it to your customers.
  • Improve employee satisfaction: employees are increasingly looking to work for sustainability-minded companies.