Why leasing through Simply Solar?

Leasing a solar installation through Simply Solar provides a range of benefits:

  • Zero cash upfront: no equity investment required, the lease provides 100% financing.
  • Better usage of capital: leasing a solar installation, rather than purchasing it upfront, releases capital for the business to fund other capital needs more in line with direct strategic requirements of the business.
  • Flexibility: by leasing, rather than purchasing the full installation upfront, the business does not lock itself into one technology, but has an option to upgrade the system to the latest technology at the end of the lease.
  • Attractive rates and terms: our interest rates and terms are competitive with other financing options on the market. Our leasing term, normally seven years, is often more attractive to businesses than longer terms, because it offers a faster depreciation and higher tax shield, in addition to offer more flexibility (see below).
  • Fast financing: obtaining a lease is simple and fast, no need for ….
  • Faster depreciation: the full monthly leasing payments reduces taxable income and provides a more attractive tax shield than regular depreciation.